Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Winter flowers - Snowdrops or Galanthus

I have loved these flowers for many years, long before I ever owned any.
I bought some before I moved to Robertson.
I held them in pots for a couple of years, while I lived in a tin shed, and before my house was built.
Eventually I planted them out.
And then I forgot where they were.

They managed to flower last year, and yet again, I was surprised to "discover them" (all over again).
Sounds like "Gardening with Asbergers" doesn't it?
Galanthus elwesii
But after the passing of the Winter Solstice, I was thrilled to notice these lovely flowers blooming, nearly overgrown, in my garden.
A clump of Snowdrops (Galanthus)
These differ from "Snowflakes"
which are similarly green and white,
winter flowering bulbs.
Hardy, pretty  little things.
They have to be hardy to survive and flower in what passes for a garden in my wilderness.


Galanthus elwesii
"The true snowdrops are perhaps the best of all early flowering bulbs, appearing through the bleakest period of the year and heralding the imminent arrival of a new season. Most are easy but we never have enough of the cultivars and prices may appear steep but they are expensive for us to purchase and acclimatise." Source: Hill View Rare Plants

Galanthus elwesii
Much larger flowered and vigorous species than G. nivalis with greyish leaves that are hooded at the tips. Generally the flower has green markings at both the base and the tip of the inner segment


Anonymous said...

there is something particularly exciting bout winter flowers. I saw pandorea pandorana in bloom today & it definitely warms the soul on a freezing day. Kirst

Flabmeister said...


Plants do not have to be hardy to grow in soil like yours! That and the rainfall makes life easy for them compared to the shaley desert of Carwoola!


Anonymous said...

I like flower even though it is made if origami

cloud farmer said...

I think there is a wonderful purity and simplicity about these flowers. They take me back to a childhood filled with european picture books. I love the way all the distinct seasonal changes of Robertson are defined by flora, native or not.

Denis Wilson said...

Dear Cloud Farmer
Thanks. I agree entirely about this flower - it is a classic, much beloved of European Gardeners.
There is great elegance about its lines.
If you remind me in a few months, I will share my clump of plants with you.