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Christmas Bells
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Monday, June 04, 2012

Partial Lunar eclipse 4 June 2012

 I got a few images of tonight's partial lunar eclipse
from my front deck tonight.
It was so windy I had to lean against the front porch post,
open the aperture,
and increase the shutter speed.
Hand held.
 9:25:30 PM

 9:27:44 PM
I went back inside to watch Q and A - which was a disappointment.
Simon Crean made the complete "Goose" of himself, (which did not surprise me - I always thought he was a total "Goose", but some of my old left wing friends seemed think he was all right).
Barnaby Joyce kept offering him advice on PR. That's really bad!

When I came back out, this was the situation.
 10:31:34 PM
10:32:36 PM
 Then the sky went cloudy on me, once the moon returned to its full glory.

There are lots of things happening at present:
For example, there is a King Tide (linked to the full moon, no doubt). But coinciding with a strong East Coast Low, it could be higher than anticipated on the traditional tide charts.

Catch the nocturnal king tide

Then there is the forth-coming Transit of Venus on 6 June 2012.


Rohrerbot said...

Wasn't even aware this was going on!! Nice shots.

Flabmeister said...


You were very lucky: by 9:30 it was bucketting down here at Carwoola. We have scored 19mm overnight which is OK. (Your luck changed for the worse if you had to watch S Crean perform!)

WRT to the transit of Venus, it - and a few other things you might find interesting - get a mention in


Denis Wilson said...

Lunar and solar eclipses are localised events (depends on where you sit on the globe), as you would realise.
So, it might not have been visible as an eclipse in Tucson, Arizona.
Will you get the Transit of Venus, where you are?

catmint said...

Great shots of the lunar eclipse Denis. I don't have special glasses for the big event tomorrow so I have decided to watch the transit on the internet. I watched Q & A and was aware of a great gulf between country and city. The female farmer was the most impressive I thought. Denis could you please check my latest post? I need help with a fly id. And please feel free to correct me if I have made any wrong ids. cheers, catmint