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Friday, June 08, 2012

Update on NSW Hunting Proposal

For this update on the NSW Hunting proposals, I am endebted to my wildlife-carer friend, Mark Selmes, who is a long-suffering Forest Dweller from Mt Rae, between Taralga and Gunning, in the Upper Lachlan Shire. Regular readers will remember some of Mark's photos of Kangaroos, Wallaroos and Red-necked Wallabies.

Robert Borsak MLC, the author of this
appalling "rationalisation" of controlling wildlife.
Robert knows about "controlling wildlife".
Just in case anybody doubted the true agenda of the Fishers and Shooters Party, here is part of it in their own words.

Remember their last attempt called for them to be allowed to 'manage' black swans , ducks, quail, galahs. Corellas, cockatoos, red and grey roos and red neck wallabies. Recreational hunting?
  • Conservation hunting? 
  • an extension of current feral control measures?
  • You decide.
Robert Borsak MLC
Your elected representative
knows about "controlling wildlife" - first hand.
He is the author of the following statement.


Conservation Hunters will have access to NSW National Parks, and the
State will introduce a new adaptive model of duck and quail management
before the end of the year, after Premier Barry O‟Farrell today
acknowledged his support for bills introduced by the Shooters and
Fishers Party.

In negotiations with the Coalition Government, the SFP has also won
support for a number of major concessions for workers who will be
affected by the privatisation of the State‟s electricity generators.

The SFP member of the Upper House said he welcomed the O‟Farrell
Government‟s qualified support for its legislation.
The control of feral animals in National Parks is an important and
expensive consideration for NSW, and the benefits of enlisting volunteer
Conservation Hunters has been demonstrated over many years in State Forests.

“Conservation Hunters save the people of NSW millions of dollars and
their impact on pest and feral animal populations has been proven,” Mr
Borsak said.

He said the duck and quail would be run under a new model.
“What we‟re talking about is not your traditional open and shut duck
season. We‟re talking about a new model for sustainable, progressive
utilisation based on species, populations, periodic need for mitigation
and so on.”

The legislation will also introduce protections for hunters to prevent
harassment from protesters.

“These are all positive changes for NSW, which has seen our precious
National Parks suffer under the idealistic "protection" of the Greens.

Australia‟s once vibrant hunting heritage has been smothered and primary
producers have been devastated by ducks in plague proportions. We will
at last begin to bring some sense and balance back,” he said.

Further information:Robert Borsak (02) 9230 3059,

Who's the Bunny, Barry?
Wilcox cartoon courtesy of SMH.
Personally, I support the NPWS Rangers who are using legal industrial action to oppose the push by the Shooters and Hunters Party. 

 There is an on-line petition that you can sign, if you wish to support the NPWS Rangers.


Barbara said...

This is appalling and we are waiting with dread to hear what atrocities "Can Do" is going to introduce to Qld.

Mummaroo said...

What a hypocrite that man is - I suppose next he'll be telling us that elephants are ferals. Poor maligned shooters and hunters want (and apparently are going to get) legislation to protect them from protesters - where's the legislation to protect us from the shooters? The whole thing is despicable, and the most despicable of all is Barry O'Farrell's behaviour - are there any politicians left who put morals before political expediency? Sadly seems not.

NativeIllawarra said...

Denis, many thanks for blogging on this issue and for sharing the petition. We heard on the radio yesterday that there has been a directive to NPWS staff to stop laying traps for feral animals, which is also very concerning.