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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Band Bonanza # 3

I am pleased to report that a bunch of local musicians took control of the back room at the Robbo Pub, and played to a very appreciative audience. It was a happy crowd, which was also good to see.

The organiser of the Band Bonanza # 3 was Anthony (Bone) Bonito, and he did a great job with it. There were 7 bands, I think, but I will not list them all, nor try to "review" their performances, as I confess I turned up late, and missed the first couple of acts. (I was off at a Committee meeting, folks).

Anyway, there was a good deal of variety of music over the course of the evening. The biggest impact was made by "Sluice", "Impact of Reason", and the "Tailenders", who were a definite crowd favourite. There was another group of young local musicians, with an odd and vaguely innapropriate name (it seemed to me), which I cannot remember just now, but which I shall discover tomorrow and update on the blog tomorrow. Anyway, they were the first band to manage to get the crowd up and dancing.

Theirs was a simple formula - it's called Rock 'n Roll. Straight rock and roll, mostly old crowd favourites. You might even call them covers, but hey, folks, it works. Good music, played well, with a clear intention to please the crowd. What's wrong with that?

Anyway, live music was pumping all night from about 7:00 pm until some time after I left, at about 12:30am.

"Bone" is a passionate advocate of live music, and it is great to see it happening on a large scale, as we witnessed tonight. This is a different atmosphere from the regular Thursday Night Music Night sessions at the CTC, even though most of these musicians have played at the CTC at some stage or another. But the Band Bonanza was full on, live music, with enough space for the musicians and the crowd, to let their hair down and really enjoy themselves.

Long may it be so.

Zac and Mel deserve to be congratulated for going with Bone's suggestion to run the Band Bonanza #3. I will come again, for the next one, in a few months time, hopefully.

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