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Christmas Bells
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Monday, March 13, 2006

Tales of the unexpected - at the Robertson Show.

A mystery novice knitter won a prize at the Robertson Show for her craft. When the lady's niece came to collect the prize on her behalf, a few eyebrows were raised. It transpired that the lady in question was 93 years old! She was indeed a novice. She had not entered her craft work at the Show before.

I met a man from Range Road, Glenquarry, who had not missed a Robertson Show in 81 years. He was 81 years old.

Rumour has it that the rules for the Potato Race will be changed next year, to restrict entries to people from Robertson (and maybe Kangaloon and Glenquarry, and possibly even Burrawang). Why? To prevent the outrages which occurred this year, of "outsiders" winning the Mens (Senior) and Junior Races. The Junior Men's prize went to a guy from Moss Vale. The Senior men's prize went to a man from Bowral, who might indeed possibly be a South African. Is nothing sacred?

Word is that Hope Waters, proprietor of the General Store, was pleased to be able to display the "poster" for the Southern Highlands news today, with its banner headlines about Robertson. That makes a pleasant change.


Anni said...

There is a little town in Finland that organises a wife carrying competition every year. It is a demanding competition with a cross country track with obstacles, water pools and such. The dominant technique of recent winners is not quite unlike the Robertson potato race. They carry the poor wives on their backs, upside down (the wives wear a helmet for a reason).
There are always foreign participants, and the prize money tends to go to Estonia.
Maybe the potato race winners should think of this as another hightlight of their year. I mean, an average wife would weigh not that much more than a sack of potatoes.

Anni said...

Oh, and you'd better not tell the Estonians about the potato race.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Anni.
An "Average Wife" in Robertson? Statistically, they must exist, but to modify the sign-off from Garrison Keillor: all the Robertson wives are "above average"!
(the Prairie Home Companion radio series).

We certainly don't want Estonians winning the prize. Bad enough that it went to Bowral (and a South African!).
Perhaps we could franchise the competition to Estonia, though.

Was your story about the wife carrying competition a belated contribution to International Women's Day? The upside down part is a nice touch.