Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hoddle's track "under wraps"

Visitors to the CTC will be aware of the Potato Pathway at the front of the building.

Well, today we got a glimpse of the second half of the composition - the full length of Hoddle's Track, and the line of the escarpment, and another trail, with tiles decorated with words from the local Aboriginal language.

This part of the pathway will look very different to the left hand side, which is dominated by the famous ceramic potatoes. About two-thirds of the potatoes are in place already, and they look terrific, especially when the soft light of a Robertson afternoon appears to make the potatoes "glow" - the result of the light on the natural, pink tones of the oxide finish.

Today Celeste (above), assisted by Ray, a friendly builder, laid out the tiles for the tracks and the escarpment on the right hand side of the pathway. This is a complicated process, as it involved the marking up of both the cardboard base sheet, and also a plastic sheet over the top. Ray will cut some plywood to match the outline of these "tracks", so that when the concrete pathway is laid, the plywood can be used as formwork, to keep open the final position for the tiles. Then, once the pathway concrete is set, the tiles can be added precisely in their correct places.

It is a complicated process, but today, it somehow looked very attractive, appearing to me, to look like "snail trails under glass".

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