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Christmas Bells
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Mottos of Life and death

Well, there are lots of slogans which appear appropriate to my personal situation at present. For a brief period, Was tempted to adopt the Nike slogan: "Just Do It!"

For purely personal reasons, and not out of fear of impending lawsuits from the "suits" at Nike, I have decided to stick with my own personal motto:

"Love to Grow: Grow to Love"

On Thursday I was told that my Tumour has not been totally killed by last year's Chemotherapy. I could "wait and see", or I can opt for the aggressive Chemotherapy treatment, the so-called "Industrial Strength Chemo". I have decided to do that, rather than allow the Lymphoma any chance to build its strength back up. I am feeling fit enough to face that course of treatment at present.

It will be short and sharp, with 8 consecutive days of treatment, followed by re-implantation (via a process analogous to a blood transfusion) of the stem cells which were harvested from my blood, late last year.

I know I shall get sick in the process, but if it is as brief as they say, I will be glad to get it over with. So, it is myself I am wanting to "grow", not my tumour.

On Saturday afternoon, my Mother, Nonie Wilson, died peacefully, at a nursing home in Canberra, with her husband, Steve close by her side. They both moved into a Nursing Home late last year, when Mum's condition deteriorated. In fact she had been hospitialised for a while, made a minor recovery, but she was at a stage when no amount of "home care" could provide for her needs. Hence the Nursing Home.

Mum will be buried on Thurday morning, following a Requiem Mass at St Thomas the Apostle Church, Boddington Crescent, Kambah, ACT.

My parents were married for 67 years. Pretty amazing. They were totally loyal to each other throughout their long life together - through good times and bad, in sickness and in health.

She Loved to grow: She grew to Love.


Anni said...

Someone I know was recently referring to one of the big problems of blogging - the fact that not everyone has all that much to say, not every day. You had quite a bit to say this Monday.

Stick to your good, old slogan, Denis.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Anni.

I am, and I will, stick to:
Love to Grow: Grow to Love.

There is a cost in having quite so much subject matter to write about. But thanks for the encouragement.

Marford said...

You don't know us but we feel we know you, from Anni's blog, as a valued Robertson resident. Your double blow is a lot to take but your philosophy will sustain you through those eight days and on Thursday. It sounds strong enough to help and you have friends who will make sure it does. Best wishes.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Marjorie. Your kind words and great encouragement are much appreciated.
The family buried Mum in style, today. Now it is Dad's "new life" which is the immediate challenge which is facing us all. I trust that he will bear up.