Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, March 23, 2006

When a good woman dies ...

Graeme Connors wrote a wonderfully whistful song, back in about 1991. It is called :"When a good man dies".

When A Good Man Dies

Words and Music: Graeme Connors

When a good man dies the boys take care of their own

They drink to his memory drink to their loss

Drink to the lovely old bastard he was

Then come the stories, the glorious times

He made it against the odds

How he saved someone’s hide

How they fought side by side

How he always put his money on the underdog

But when a good woman dies
A good man just cries

When a good man dies his mates come gather ’round

Looking for reasons looking for words

Looking uneasy at the hole in the Earth

Then come the handshakes the hard sweaty palms

That grip you like a vice

Refusing to show

Any sign of emotion

The respects have been paid now get on with your life

But when a good woman dies

A good man just cries

Copyright 1990 The Panama Music Company Pty. Ltd.

I shall be reading part of this song lyric at my Mother's funeral today (Thursday). Partly it is a tribute to my Mother. Partly it is in the hope that my father will realise that emotions are "allowed" in the year 2006. The great Australian silence might once have been regarded as noble and dignified. But I think it is unhealthy to close down one's emotions too tightly.

Mum and Dad were married for 67 years, and were "going together" for a further 6 years (a total of 73 years).

Kindly wish my father well, as he attempts to start a new life by himself, aged 93 years. Sure, he has "family", but nothing can replace that degree of bonding between two people.

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