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Christmas Bells
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Endangered plants along Tourist Road, Kangaloon

Around Christmas time 2005, the Sydney Catchment Authority had a "test bore", just near the Nepean River crossing on Tourist Road, in East Kangaloon. We now know that this is one of the places where the SCA was researching the Kangaloon Aquifer, which Mr Iemma has proposed to drain, as part of his plan to supposedly "drought proof" Sydney.

Within 50 metres of this particular bore site there are a number of Persoonias growing. Most are Persoonia lanceolata. Some, however, are Persoonia glaucescens - The "Mittagong Geebung". This plant is on the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Threatened Species list, classed as "Endangered".
Both photos at left, of P. glaucescens are from the NPWLS Threatened Species site linked above.

The website (linked above) states:
"The Mittagong Geebung's historical distribution places the northern and eastern limit at Couridjah (Thirlmere Lakes), the southern limit at Fitzroy Falls and the western limit at High Range. However, recent surveys have indicated that the species no longer extends to Fitzroy Falls or Kangaloon and that the present southern limit is near Berrima. The northern limit appears to have contracted a few kilometres south to Buxton."

I am here to tell you that this plant does exist - in Kangaloon, within 50 metres of one of these test bore sites. What chance does it have of surviving if that place becomes a pumping station?

For the record, I reported on the Persoonias of the local area including P. glaucescens, in a blog entry on 17 January, some 3 weeks before Mr Iemma's infamous announcement about draining the Kangaloon Aquifer.

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