Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, December 25, 2006

A cool, damp (but happy) Christmas.

I am back in Robertson, in time for Christmas. And the place has had heaps of rain. Apparently there were 3 days straight of rain about 10 days ago, while I was in dry old Canberra. When I came back, on Saturday evening, it was raining, once again, and there were intermittent downpours yesterday morning.

More importantly, for the fire fighters of Victoria and Tasmania, the cool moist air has dampened the fires there. Not entirely "OUT", but, at least the "Firies" get to spend Christmas Day with their families.

In the Victorian Alps, the high tops have received about 25 mm of rain (an "inch" of rain, in the old money). Not all of the fire ground has had as much as that, but still it is some relief.

In Tassie, there is a snow dusting on Mt. Wellington, overlooking Hobart. So, at the very least they have had cooler weather across the State.

The photo above is courtesy of Manda, a fellow blogger, who took this in June 2005, while visiting Hobart. Nice photo, Manda!


And for a Christmas Message, with Aussie Spirit, I shall leave that to Father Bob Macguire, from Sts Peter and Paul, South Melbourne.

Fellow JJJ Broadcaster with John Saffran, Father Bob is a crusty old Catholic Priest, but he has been doing a lot of good social work, in the name of Christ, for a long time. He is the Founder of "Open Family Australia".



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