Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
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Friday, December 15, 2006

A personal update

I have been in Canberra for another round of treatment for Lymphoma.

I am now half way through a course of radiation treatment. So far, so good.

The Doctor who is responsible for treating me changed the strategy somewhat. I was told they would angle the beams in from either side (supposeldy to avoid shooting the Kidneys and the Spine). However, when it came to Day 1, they lined me up and shot vertically through my belly and up from my back - all this without telling me (the patient) about the change in plan.

Reassurances afterwards are not as good a medical policy as consultation with the patient (at least not as far as the patient is concerned).

Anyway, having insisted on taking time from the Doctor's busy schedule to express my surprise and concern, I am still stuck with being told that they have done the maths, and worked out that it is safe.

Time will tell in that regard.

But will the treatment (now at a lower dose than previously intended) do the job of knocking off the tumours?

Radiation Treatment is one thing, but I could have done without the "Mushroom Treatment" as well.

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