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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Iemma has lost sight of the "WATER" issue

The NSW Premier Morris Iemma appears to have lost sight of the issue of WATER.

In today's media, he is reported as announcing that the Botany Bay Aquifer will be used as a major source of water for industrial users in the general Botany area. Good (although weren't they supposedly already doing that?).

But the announcement is couched entirely in base political point-scoring language.

Not one word of how this was going to help Sydney out of its water crisis (and trust me, folks, it has one).

Not one word of the environment.

Nope, the only thing Iemma can see is that he is (supposedly) one jump ahead of Malcolm Turnbull, the Federal Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Water.

What a strange way to run a State!

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