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Christmas Bells
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Labor Candidate says "Don't take the water"

The Labor Candidate for Goulburn, Mr Robert Parker has apparently come out against pumping of water from the Kangaloon Aquifer.

Goulburn is one of the most water-conscious areas in NSW - and if you look at Pejar Dam (left) you will know why. It is officially empty.

OK, he has suggested a caveat, but it is one which I can endorse, namely:
"Not one drop of water should leave that aquifer until all residents of Sydney, the Southern Highlands and Goulburn are on the same water restrictions."
Well done, Mr Parker.

This story is reported in the Southern Highlands News of 13 December 2006.

If Sydney were on the same restrictions as Goulburn, they would not need to pump water from the Aquifer.

"Narellan Pools" ad.

The truth is water is still being wasted in Sydney, with impunity. The environment of the Southern Highlands ought not suffer for the sake of indulgent use of water by Sydneysiders.


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