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Friday, December 08, 2006

Victoria readying itself for huge fires

Well, you cannot say they have not been letting people know. The Victorian Government, the CFA, the print media and the ABC have been doing a terrific job. But the reality is that the mountains are burning, in the north east of the State.

This stunning satellite image (from The Age) shows a "moustache" of smoke which curls up, divides and heads south to Tasmania, while on the other hand, much of it curls up and heads north, to the far east Gippsland coast, and into New South Wales.

Miss Eagle tells me: The smoke from the fires is closing in. It is thick outside. Not close in enough so that we feel we are breathing it in. But it is bad and the sky is thick and heavy with smoke and getting thicker.

And she is in Melbourne, a hundred and fifty Kilometres away from the main source of these fires.
Whether the fires do all link into a super fire, and then change direction with a forecast wind change, and burn through to the Gippsland coast - all that remains to be seen.

But at least people are being put on notice. Some are being advised to choose whether to leave now, or stay and see it out. "Tomorrow will be too late" is the ominously worded advice.

If you have any involvement with Victoria, then you ought read this link from The Age.

Or try this link, from the ABC's website:

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