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Christmas Bells
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Monday, December 04, 2006

CRG Report published - but buried !

You can trust consultants to do the job which their clients want.

In this case, Elton Consultants have compiled a report of some 106 pages entitled:

"Sydney Catchment Authority Groundwater Investigations
Community Consultation and Submissions Report"

Pages 76 to 88 of this 106 page .pdf file contain Appendix 2 which is the:

"Report to the Sydney Catchment Authority
on the Proposed Borefield at Kangaloon NSW"

That is, of course, the report of the:

"Upper Nepean Groundwater Community Reference Group"
September 2006

So, it is up on the web. But you need to be extra-ordinarily patient to download all 106 pages of the Consultants report.

Alternatively, you can look at it on this Blog site.
Sure, it is 7 or 8 pages of text, but it is easier than downloading 106 pages on a .pdf file.

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