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Christmas Bells
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Monday, March 05, 2007

Big Spud speaks out for the Aquifer

The Robertson people have a character known as "Big Spud" - based upon the town's "Big Thing" - the "Big Potato". I believe the artwork has been done by Rona Goold.

A local Artist, Penny Osterhaus is very clever with claymation figurines, and she has also done a character known as "little spud".
In this case, the two figures have joined forces to stand up for the local environment, against the ravages of the Sydney Catchment Authority.
The SCA has begun its 6 month "trial pumping" from the Kangaloon Aquifer. Let us hope that it does not cause permanent and irreparable damage to the environment.
The SCA has seized the opportunity of the huge rainfall which we have received in recent weeks, which has flooded Butler's Swamp, to persuade the Federal Department of Environment and Water Resources that this is the very best time to prove the connectivity (or otherwise) of Butler's Swamp with the Aquifer below it. Some of us, with the advantage of local knowledge, know that the hills will continue to leak water into Butler's Swamp for several weeks, and so a "one month trial" will be completely masked by the continued inflow of water.
It is a sham test - it is a way of meeting the SCA's obligation to its ALP political masters - to provide an emergency supply of water to Sydney - in the weeks prior to the Election.
What a shame that the Environment might pay the price for the SCA's lack of planning - going back to the very day of its inception.

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