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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bundanoon Uniting Church - a lot of Baptisms?

Yesterday I learnt that the Bundanoon Uniting Church must have been conducting a lot of secret Baptisms. Well, how else would they have triggered their water meter to record 900 litres per day?
This little Church community has a shared administration with the Uniting Church in Moss Vale, Robertson and Bundanoon. When their water rates bill came in, fortunately, someone noticed that the water usage had suddenly soared, over previous months and years. "What's going on?" - they thought.
A quick check of the Baptismal records confirmed what everybody knew - No there had not been a sudden rush on full-immersion Baptisms in Bundanoon.
It turns out that the Bundanoon Uniting Church has a tap close to a side fence, which is adjacent to an area where a truck might draw up close by, and fill it's Water Tank. Indeed there were obvious signs of just that having happened.
So, what's been going on?
It seems likely that Water Tankers in the district have been stealing water from unsuspecting communities. We know of the Kangaloon School incident, where their tank water was stolen over the summer holidays. Now here is another case, it seems.
How many other cases have there been of significant water theft, which have not been reported, one wonders?
I understand that the tap has now been locked off. But it surely serves as a warning to the rest of us - watch out for suspicious looking activities of water tankers in your area. It must take quite a long time to fill a water tanker from a suburban-sized garden pipe, so I would urge people to "be alert and be alarmed".
Water thieves seem to be active in the Southern Highlands.
And they are targetting the most innocent an least suspecting in the community - firstly local country primary schools, and now small country town Church communities.
As Derrin Hinch would have said, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

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