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Monday, March 26, 2007

Matt Brown pledges support for Kangaloon Aquifer

Regular readers will be interested to learn that Matt Brown was returned as Member for Kiama in Saturday's election, and this Blog congratulates Matt on his victory.

I am reliably informed that Matt Brown has pledged to continue to support the Kangaloon Aquifer issue. (Apparently this is reported in the Southern Highland News of 26 March 2007, but the story does not appear on their website, so I cannot quote it, or link to it.)

Quite what that "continue" means, I am not quite sure, but I do welcome Matt's recognition that it is still a big issue in the electorate. We do look forward to his support in fighting to protect the Aquifer.

The Kangaloon Aquifer needs protection - from the NSW Government, Matt, so you are well placed to look after it.

Incidentally, the "Bowral.Your Guide" website (the SHN website) is truly hopeless, by the way. There is not a single local story for today up on that website, under the Local News category. It is an insult to the local community. Haven't we just had an election, which will determine the future for this district for the next 4 years? Not a word about the battle between Pru Goward or Paul Stephenson makes it to their web. It is a disgraceful service to the people of the Southern Highlands.

I know there is a story in the "paper" paper, but they might as well close down the "pretend website" if they do not bother to file their stories on the web server. How hard is it to do that, after all? The story was presumably written on Sunday, for printing by Monday morning, and it is still not up on the Website by Monday night.

It is a problem through out the entire Rural Press network of papers, by the way. They might as well stop pretending to have a web site, then, perhaps they will revert to quill pens.

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