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Christmas Bells
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Friday, March 09, 2007

Robbo Show - Day 1

On Thursday, I helped set up the Cut Flowers section of the Robbo Show, in the Pavillion.

Today, I was back at the Robbo Show manning an information
booth for the Save Water Alliance. We are explaining to people what is happening with the SCA's pumping of water from the Kangaloon Aquifer.

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For people coming to the Robbo Show, you can find the Save Water Alliance booth beside the large orange (and ugly) Dagwood Dogs stall. We are just beyond the main Pavillion, and behind the bar.

For the record, we are providing information about the pumping, and gathering information from local people.

For the sake of those amongst you who might be legally inclined, the Save Water Alliance, as an organisation, is not providing "electoral advice" to people (in the run up to the NSW Elections).

Pipe leakage point,
at Fire Trail entrance
One of the snippets of information which came our way today was that at the entrance to one of the fire trails, just off Tourist Road, Kangaloon, the pipeline had sprung a further leak. At this point, the pipe has an underground (buried) T-Junction, feeding a branch line to the 3rd pump in the line.
Sure enough, when I went there to check it out, there were obvious signs of an underground leak having been fixed. There was mud everywhere, signs of excavation, and re-levelling of the ground, following the fixing of the pipe junction. Truck tyre prints were everywhere.

At least, on this occasion, Bob Debus did not accuse any of the locals of having "sabotaged" the pipes. It's almost a shame, really. We got a lot of free publicity last time.

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