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Christmas Bells
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Monday, March 19, 2007

"Even Dragons need to drink"

How could anyone not love George Thirlwall's little sign. The "joke" is that the family property is called "Dragon Farm". I really hope that George's sign is still in place. If not, at least we have an image of it, and I can help him make up a new one.

George is not a politician, he is 11 years old.
He just happens to live directly opposite the SCA's proposed borefield - but that is not his fault, is it?

What more can I say?

Ben van der Wijngaart (Greens, Kiama) said: "... it establishes a mind-set in the public that they can’t win the argument fair and square and have to resort to crudely destroying the opposing messages."

Ann Sudmalis (Liberal Party candidate for Kiama) issued a Press Release in which she said:

"These were legitimate protest signs, erected by a local
community group, that wanted to protect their community, and someone has ordered the destruction of any sign of protest."

"This was a planned and premeditated act that must be condemned for what it is - political bastardry".

The stupid thing is that by removing our signs, the two men*** who did this (*** as per eye witness reports) have given us more free publicity.

It was the same when Bob Debus, NSW Labor Party Minister for the Environment, (and Attorney General, by-the-way) labelled the residents of the Southern Highlands as "Vandals" (not even "alleged vandals", but straight out "vandals").

It was a wrong story to start with, but that didn't matter - after a long lunch, Mr Debus thought nothing of abusing all of the
residents of the Southern Highlands.

So, judging by how these different PR stunts have both backfired, the ALP needs to get itself some new media strategists.

We could save them the bother, if we elected a new Local Member for Kiama, this coming Saturday, 24 March.

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