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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Caroline Graham resigns from BHP's Consultative Committee

Caroline Graham, a friend and adviser on matters to do with the Nepean River's problems, has decided that she just cannot take it any longer.

This wonderful cartoon was published by Nicholson, on 9 May 2005.

If Howard and Costello feel this way, imagine how Caroline Graham must feel.

Nicholson of "The Australian" newspaper:

"A community activist resigned last night from BHP Billiton’s community consultative committee in the Southern Coalfield. Management of the local subsidiary, Illawarra Coal, were angered because Caroline Graham, Secretary of Rivers SOS, had passed on information about recent mine damage to the Upper Cataract River to a metropolitan daily.

"Management last night attempted to insert a clause into the committee’s constitution forbidding members from using operational information “to generate adverse publicity for the company.”

Ms Graham has been a member of the committee, based in the company’s Appin shopfront, for over two years. She says that if she is not able to inform the community of mine damage then there is no point in continuing as a member."

Caroline has been one of the leading figures behind publicising subsidence caused by Longwall Mining, and the resultant damage to rivers.

Talking to people from Appin, at the Robertson Show, it seems that whole streets in that settlement have been condemned (for housing) due to subsidence, and that people just accept that two storey houses are not suitable, and that if you want a swimming pool, it has to be a fibeglass one (because concrete ones crack). How people put up with that level of abuse from the "Big Australian" is quite bewildering.

It is time to stand up and be counted.
I support Caroline Graham's courage in taking this stand.

BHP Billton won the 2003 "Dirty Digger Award" Macchiavelli Award for Corporate Deception.

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Gaye from the Hunter said...

Interesting post.

Since the merger of BHP (Australian based) with Billiton (British based) in 2001, there's not much 'Australian' about it, except that it employs a lot of Australians and wrecks a lot of Australia.

Oh, I suppose as their headquarters is in Melbourne, a smidgen of their billions profits is spent in Australia.

I also support Caroline Graham's stand.