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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Aquifer flows down drain

Glenquarry Cut pipe outlet

Aquifer flows down drain

Robyn Murray
Southern Highlands News, Wednesday, 21 June 2007
The Sydney Catchment Authority has exacerbated flooding in the Nepean River by continuing to pump water from both the Kangaloon aquifer and the Shoalhaven River into the already overloaded river, the Save Water Alliance said yesterday.
Flood baffles at Pipe outlet.
Although flood warnings for the Nepean River near Menangle were still in force on Tuesday, the SCA continued to pump water from the Kangaloon aquifer trial bores into the headwaters of the Nepean River near Robertson and to divert water from Wingecarribee Reservoir via the Glenquarry Cut.
Nepean River at
Tourist Road Crossing.
Flood peak has passed, but
river downstream still flooding

SWA members Denis Wilson and Bernard Eddy said the continued pumping from the Kangaloon aquifer was in breach of the SCAs own protocols, which stated they would not pump if more than 100 mm of rain fell. "Worse, the Shoalhaven transfers are continuing to pour a great volume of water through the pipeline from the Glenquarry Cut into Doudle's Folly Creek," Mr. Wilson said.

Map of Nepean River system
down to Menangle Weir
Courtesy: Caroline Graham
"The ABC is carrying stories that the Nepean River is in flood, near Menangle, so clearly the entire Nepean River system is overloaded. "Why pour precious water, stolen water, Shoalhaven water, into an already over-full Nepean River system?"

"This water is not free. It costs money to pump it out of Tallawa Dam.

"It is also precious water - just ask the people of Goulburn what they think about wasting water like this.' (Level 5 restrictions appear to be still in force in Goulburn - DJW)

Mr. Wilson said the continued pumping was not only wasteful, but dangerous. "Over the last weekend. Robertson received approximately 260mm of rain (over 11 and a half inches)," he said. "To add water into these already flooded rivers was reckless, if not negligent. "Workers had to help clear farm bridges just downstream from this point, because drift wood was blocking the pipes underneath the low bridges, causing Doudle's Folly Creek to flood over the farm road, creating a dangerous situation.

Even today, they were clearing away branches from dead willow trees which were blocking the river.

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