Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Saturday, June 16, 2007

More of the Fungal Queen's loyal subjects

Well, I managed to get Penny upset, with my comment about a "none-too flattering" portrait of myself - the other day, at the Queen's Birthday picnic at Lucy's place.

Today she sent me a few "sweeter" photos of the group at Lucy's place. These are indeed somewhat sweeter. Thanks, Penny.

Anni, Andy and Steve

Steve cannot resist blowing the photographer a kiss.
Nice Camellias in a vase, by the way!
Anni is concentrating on what Emma, beside her, is reading out loud to the group.

Emma, looking very natural, is reading through one of George's creative writing projects.

George, Lucy's eldest, has a very natural writing style, and Emma was reading sections of his story out loud.

Here is George (in front, doing a "boy thing" with his fingers), pictured on his birthday, back in February.

He doesn't always look like a talented writer, but looks can be deceiving - especially at one's own Eleventh Birthday.

Lucy and Meg
Lucy is looking very relaxed, which itself is a triumph, seeing she was our hostess, at the party.

And finally, the photographer, Penny, herself, with a grandson, Luca.

Penny, in a photo taken by her grandson, Jeht.

Persons who managed to avoid Penny's lens were Celeste, Sarah, Brita and Jeht.

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