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Christmas Bells
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pressure - Frozen in Time.

Silvery dog in frost
Last night it was pretty cold at my place. Strangely, the village centre of Robertson (a mere 1 Km away), did not seem to get such a heavy frost. But I surely did. One of the things about a frost in Robbo is that the humidity is so high that when the moisture on the soil freezes, it looks dramatic. Lots of moisture, makes for dramatic ice crystals - even if the temperatures are not very extreme. My thermometer says it was only 0.4 degrees C just on the side of the house. Not a big "freeze", but plenty of frost and ice. Of course, true readings are taken out in the open, away from houses, and shrubbery.

I rang David Young to suggest that he might get some good shots on an open horse paddock opposite his house, but he said there was not much frost there.
Lena checks it out
David decided to punish me for the wake-up call, by publishing an "ironic" photo of me, from the Nature Reserve last week. I swear I was leaning back, while holding the stick forward. I was trying to get out of the range of the photo, while David was meant to be photographing the Weevil. I was holding the stick forward (you have to see the photo to understand this).

Anyway, David switched the focus from close-up to long range, and took a really awkward looking shot of me. I swear I am not this bad normally - well, nearly...

What can I say?
Silver frost on bench
A nice "pure" shot of the frost. Lena is wondering why I kept calling her from one place to the other, of course.
The trouble of being a silver dog, who colour-coordinates with frost scenes.
One of these days I shall download my "Snow" photos, and show you. Lena looked very cute in the snow!

Barrow full of ice
Last week's rain delivered about 6 inches of rain (140 mm over 3 days, in Robbo). Here what that much rain looks like in a large Builder's Barrow. Obviously it filled the barrow to overflowing, but you get the idea.
It ain't the Hunter River, but, it was good rain, none-the-less.

Patterns of Ice
I love this image. Click to enlarge it. The fine patterns form as parts of the water freeze, and the ice gets pressed one way and then another, as it grows across the water, then hits either more ice, or the edge of the barrow.
You are seeing pressure lines in the ice.

Pressure, Frozen in Time!


Miss Eagle said...

Wow! Surely there must be snow too! And why didn't it hit the village? Is it because you are on a ridge? And poor Lena must have got froz tootsies!

Anbarlui said...

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Denis Wilson said...

Anbarlui appears to be a genuine blogger, unlike many scammers who offer comments, without a blog to back their credibility.
He has nice photos of the Hazar valley. Somewhat confusingly the blog name of Tarom India of Iran appears, but a Google search does not help me understand that reference.
Nice photos of a very different part of the world, if you follow the link to photos of the Hazar Valley.