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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

SCA wasting precious water

Oxygenation process:
Aquifer water
being pumped out.
What on earth is the SCA thinking?
Today, the Nepean River is in flood. Yet the SCA's contractors, TWS, are pumping precious water from the Kangaloon Aquifer into a river which is already in flood - contrary to the SCA's own protocols.
Worse, the Shoalhaven Transfers are continuing to pour a great volume of water through the pipeline from the Glenquarry Cut into Doudle's Folly Creek.

Flood Debris in Nepean River
above Tourist Road

From the bridge on TOurist Road, you can see that the Nepean River was higher yesterday, at the height of the rains. Flood debris is apparent.

River Flow meter
just poking out of water
Even the lock on the River Flow Meter is draped with grass, indicating it was clearly under water in recent times.

Shoalhaven Transfer water
entering Nepean River System
Meanwhile the ABC is carrying stories that the Nepean River is in flood, near Menangle, so clearly the entire Nepean River system is overloaded.
Why pour precious water, stolen water, Shoalhaven water, into an already over-full Nepean River system?

This water is not free. It costs money to pump it out of Tallawa Dam. It is also precious water - water than cannot be wasted.
Just ask the people of Goulburn what they think of this waste of precious water.
But to dump Shoalhaven River water into a flooded Nepean River is not only wasteful, it is also potentially dangerous to people living around the Lower Nepean River.
Deliberately raising the level of a River officially in flood is irresponsible, and dangerous.

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