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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Views from Manning Lookout and Twin Falls

Kangaroo Valley from
Manning Lookout
East from Fitzroy Falls, off the Kangaroo Valley Road, (after you pass over the Canal) is a sign pointing left, saying Manning Lookout. I have seen this sign for many years, without ever having gone in to see the view. What a delightful place!

Cliffs from Manning Lookout
The day I was there, I was surprised to find several other groups of people there, while I was there (because it seems so out of the way, and I have never seen any photos of this place).

The dirt road is about 1.5 Km long, with a short walk from the car park to the main lookout.

There is also a side track which goes to a more secluded viewing point, with nice views of the first lookout. More importantly, for me, I loved the walk through the bush. The Banksias (B. ericifolia) were heavily in flower, and as a result the New Holland Honeyeaters and Spinebills were very active in these shrubs.
I explored the Manning Lookout area, finding many leaves of Ground Orchids, (but only a few Long-leafed Greenhoods in flower).
View over Twin Falls
I then went back to Fitzroy Falls, and then walked down to Twin Falls (with the seemingly inappropriate name).

It is a lovely small waterfall, where you can look out over the very top of the water, to the huge valley beyond. In the late afternoon light, the view is gorgeous.

Twin Falls
I understand that even the locals do not know why Twin Falls bears that name. Who cares? It is a lovely small volume waterfall, but as steep a drop as the main falls (Fitzroy Falls) which is about 800 metres away.

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