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Christmas Bells
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Monday, June 25, 2007

The birth point of the Nepean River.

Fence knocked over
by flood
and silted over.
Regular readers will know that the Nepean River has been in flood, as a result of recent heavy rains in Robertson and district.

Here is what the flood did to the SCA's protective fence around their aeration tray, and the outlet point (in the river).

Fence partly upright
Although there has been only a small amount of rain (4 mm and 1.8 mm) recorded in Robertson, over the last two days, the hills are absolutely running with water. The dairy farms along Kirkland Road, in East Kangaloon are muddy, slippery and wet, and and the hills are leaking water. See photo of the same paddock, ten days ago. It was flowing here again, today, but not quite so much.

The floods knocked over the SCA's fence, and silted up around it.
Pipe outlet -
tip under water.

The outlet of the pipe which the SCA normally uses to pump water from the Aquifer is still under water - ten days after the main flood has passed. Click on image to enlarge, to see that the tip is under water. Sorry about the quality of the image. The camera got muddy.

Here is a photo from 26 January, for comparison.

Nepean River -
running fast,
but calm
today, after floods.
This is a nice image of the Nepean River, today.

I love this point, for it is exactly the point at which the river is transformed from a creek flowing out of basalt soil, and becomes the true Nepean River, running through sandstone. It will carve huge gorges in the sandstone rock, by the time it reaches Douglas Park, about 60 Km downstream.

That process starts right here, at this point.

This is the birth of the sometimes mighty Nepean River.

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