Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, July 27, 2007

A brief moment of joyous colour.

Between 5:19 and 5;24 pm this afternoon, the sky turned on a wonderful display of light, colour, and texture. (No Eagles - they had gone home.)

I noticed the pink light coming through the computer-room window, and rushed out to behold this view from my back deck. This is looking south-east, with the sun setting to my right. It is "washing" the clouds with afternoon light. This is a wide shot to capture the scene fully.

Here is a zoomed in shot, using my "standard lens" (28-80mm).

One minute later, looking north-west, the main feature of the sky was these delightful clouds, just being coloured, against a blue sky background.

And then two minutes later, the setting sun lit up the edge of a dominant dark cloud.

That was an ominous moment, for shortly afterwards, the colour disappeared, and darkness fell upon the world.

And I look back with thanks for the brief but glorious display.


mike macgirvin said...

I agree - the color was spectacular. Thanks for capturing it. However I *did* see an eagle hovering over your hilltop this evening - think it was about 5pm. Likely the same one you photographed yesterday.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mike,
Glad you saw the sunset. It was wonderful.
The "Wedgies" are active at this time of year - breeding season. They have to start early to hatch the eggs, and then allow the chicks time to grow, so that they are ready to fledge when food (eg, young rabbits, etc) is abundant - in late spring. Their breeding cycle takes ages, so they breed now.

Nice to hear from you again.

mike macgirvin said...

[personal, you can delete]

I've been picking up (and re-broadcasting) your RSS feed on my community site - - hope you don't mind. I'm over on Blackwood Place, backing onto the next hill to the south. (I'm assuming this... from your pictures and descriptions, I've pretty much figured out that you're somewhere towards the north end of Lemmon's Rd. )

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mike

I actually face south - from the opposite end of Robbo - on the road to the cemetery.
I am aware of your site, and the RSS feed. I could do with some technical advice from you re that kind of system anyway.
Kindly email me privately - I tried to register on your site last night, without success.