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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kangaloon Aquifer update - surveyors in the forests

Recently we have been observing the Surveyors working for the SCA along Tourist Road. That was not entirely unexpected. Recently, however, they have been working along Kirkland Road and Moresby Hill Road, in East Kangaloon.

They are marking out pipelines from bores which were installed as "monitoring bores", which means that they have secretly been converted into planned "Production Bores".
(Adapted from photo by David Thompson)

The planned borefield apparently requires a pipeline to be buried underground, and that will require a bulldozer to fell thousands of trees from here (Moresby Hill Road) to Tourist Road.

As you can see from this photo of a marker stake, and the blue flag tapes, they apparently intend to push through the tall forest here.
(Adapted from photo by David Thompson)

The frustrating thing is that the SCA is required, under its own guidelines to consult with the community. They have not done that since January this year. Despite that failure of Policy and of the SCA's management, the operational side of their activities is pressing ahead full steam.

Well, it is time this nonsense stopped.

For one thing, this area is outside the area which was surveyed by SMEC, the environmental Consultants for the SCA. So, the "E.I.S." prepared by the SCA, on the basis of the SMEC report is totally inadequate - for they have strayed into different ecological systems from the original Borefield assessment. They have no right to do that. There ought be an entirely new EIS requirted to be prepared, on this basis alone.

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