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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Twin Falls at Fitzroy Falls

I have been to "Twin Falls" several times before, and never knew why it was called Twin Falls. Today I found out. You can see the second, small waterfall to the left.

The streams of the district are still running heavily, (after recent rain) and lo and behold, there is indeed a second creek which plunges into the valley, just about 200 metres south of the main waterfall at Twin Falls. Of course, there is a much larger waterfall - the main waterfall at Fitzroy Falls, about 500 metres east from here. But I like these little waterfalls. Somehow their scale is more approachable, and not too daunting.

A few weeks ago I was here and took another photo from the far side of this waterfall, looking down into the rocky face, on which this water pours. Today, this was the best view of this pretty waterfall. I went there, to show Zoe and Tim around some of my favourite haunts, including Mannings Lookout and these falls.

Fitzroy Falls is the best known waterfall in our district - the Southern Highlands. It might not be the biggest waterfall, in terms of flow (maybe it is, I am not sure). Certainly the valley into which it plunges is the largest, widest valley. Carrington Falls and Belmore Falls both plunge into relatively narrow valleys. Of course, this valley opens out into the extremely large valley of the Shoalhaven River. The water which falls here, flows to the Tallowa Dam, which is below Kangaroo Valley (but in the same district as that well known area).

In fact, you pass Fitzroy Falls as you drive from Moss Vale to Kangaroo Valley. Unfortunately, many people drive straight past this interesting area, (crossing the stream, just 100 metres from the Fitzroy Falls), without seeing the Falls. That is a shame. It is well worth a visit.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service insists on charging for parking and "park access" - it is responsible for discouraging so many people who would otherwise appreciate this beautiful spot.
Revenue takes precedence over education and appreciation of the beauty of nature, apparently. What a shame.


Gaye from the Hunter said...

hi Denis,

I have only visited the Southern Highlands once, camping at Kangaroo Valley, and enjoyed my brief look at the area very much.

I, too, also enjoy the smaller waterfalls more than the thundering long drop of the more 'popular' waterfalls.

Our time exploring the area was limited, but I thought the two teirs of Belmore Falls was beautiful.

I am enjoying your encounters and photos of your fabulous part of the country.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Gaye

I didn't know that you had been here. Lovely spots to explore. Belmore Falls is lovely, and less "daunting" than the really large valleys. Mind you, calling Fitzroy Falls is a "long drop" is imaginative, but a touch unkind!



Gaye from the Hunter said...

Smiling @ your sense of humour, Denis.

Our visit was in 2000. I had my first sighting of Amanita muscaria while in the Southern Highlands, and I thought I had discovered some magical mystery of the mushroom world. Despite its beauty and appeal, I now know it's just a pest.