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Christmas Bells
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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back to Bushwalking

Today, Ian Archer led a group of walkers along the plateau at the end of Wallaby Hill road, then out to the top of Hindmarsh Pass, and then down into the Kangaroo Valley below.

It was a very pleasant walk, the more so for me as I had wanted to explore that area for some time.

I have been aware for some time, that when looking towards the Kangaroo Valley from Hindmarsh Lookout (near Belmore Falls) there is a large plateau which protrudes out in front of this lookout point, from the left. From my memory of the map I think it was referred to as the Yeola State Forest, but when I had sought to go to this area previously, it appeared it was closed off, by private property. Today I was shown that in fact, it is publicly accessible. A track leads to a section of the Morton National Park (which exists in many sections bordering the Shoalhaven Valley (which of course, includes the Kangaroo Valley).

As you can see from the photo above, the plateau drops down on a slope, then there is a severe "wall" or cliff line, half way down the hill. Below that, it again drops down on a steep slope to the valley floor below.

Towering above the tree tops, one can just make out the tops of the cliffs.

We walked down the steep slopes, and eventually came out to farming land, and kept going down, down, down, until we eventually came to a group of cars. Our "rescue group" had pre-arranged to meet us in a convoy of vehicles, to drive us back around through Kangaroo Valley, and back up via Fitzroy Falls, to Robertson. Just as well. I was pretty worn out, and in need of "rescuing" with a cuppa, and a car to sit in, on the way home.

A very good walk, thanks to Ian and the "rescue committee", and the good company of fellow walkers.


Gaye from the Hunter said...

As I was reading this, Denis, I'm thinking....."down, down, down.....but wait til the up, up and up on the way out" :)

What fabulous organisation to have a "rescue patrol" waiting at the bottom !! Sounds like an exhillarating walk. It's always great to get to do a walk that has been on the list of 'to do' for some time.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Gaye
The tops of my legs are still tender - muscles I hardly knew about, in the front of my legs, right up at the joint (in front of one's pockets). Apparently this is a "downhill walking" muscle strain.
As we were mostly a male walking group, I was able to mutter out loud that it was always one of my fantasies to be "met at the bottom of a long hill by women in cars". True to their word, these ladies were there, with a little picnic table,and coffee and chocolate bickies. How good is that?
The geography is such that an 8 Km walk requires a 30 Km drive back around through kangaroo Valley, and up past Fitzroy Falls, and back to Robbo.

I could barely put one foot in front of the other at the end of the day. So, we really needed this organised rescue. Great, though, isn't it?