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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wingecarribee Shire Council and Robertson

Tree Ferns on a bend of Caalang Creek, in Hampden Park, Robertson.
I am on the Hampden Park Committee, in Robertson. Small beer, but it is enlightening to see how things do or do not work around the Wingecarribee Shire Council.

Recently we have had discussions about footpaths around the village. Then there was a thing called the PAMP study (apparently funded by the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA)). The good burghers of Robertson rolled up and voted for their most important footpath requirements. Clearly the people of Robertson said we need the footpath built from Ranelagh House (on the corner of Fountaindale Road) to the Cheese Factory - along side the Illawarra Highway. It is a much used route; but there is just a grassy verge, with no clear walkway, and it is beside a very busy road, with heavy trucks thundering beside unprotected pedestrians. So, fair enough - it was agreed that it ought be built as an all-weather footpath, funded by the RTA.

Tonight we heard that, after all the promises that the footpath would be built, that there has been no funding allocated to the Fountaindale Road (Ranelagh House). Can this be true? After all the promises, and press statements, etc. Surely not!

What will I tell Greg, when I next see him? Greg walks that route, numerous times each week. In an orange safety vest, for high visibility, I am pleased to say.

Robertson need this footpath folks.


Greg Chapman said...

Hi Denis,

That's a bugger that Robertson is going to be unlucky about the Fountaindale Rd to Robertson PO. In Canberra last week, I was pretty "jealous" that they have pathways there. The council down there, had their guys down there, doing some maintenance work on one of their footpaths. I could have asked them to travel up here to Robertson and tell them, we are lacking footpaths in Robertson.

Though, I am happy that at least Caalong St, is about to have a footpath between High & Hoddle Streets.

We still need more paths in Robertson. Look at other towns. They have footpaths, but Robertson, still lacking !!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Greg

Nice to hear from you (back from Canberra). This is a rumour, at this stage. Lets hope that Council or the RTA can find the money that was promised to us.