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Christmas Bells
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Friday, August 17, 2007

More on local Greenhoods

Further to my recent posting about Greenhoods of the Macquarie Pass area, here are some more photos of the most interesting species which I found. By "most interesting" I mean, least typical of the "Greenhood Alliance" - simply because it is so dark - beyond chocolate brown, approaching black (on the front part of the flower).

Pterostylis pedunculata (Maroonhood)
Note the tiny "Labellum" (tongue) just barely visible
in the centre of the flower's V-shaped opening (called a "sinus")

This photo was extremely dark, so I have lightened it
which has washed out the flower's true colours somewhat (unfortunately)
The shape of the flower, and the angle of the "galea"
(the top front area of the hood) are diagnostic - it is pointing down and forward.
This is a truer colour picture of Pt. pedunculata ("Maroonhood").
Taken from the rear, it shows the white striped back of the flower, the contrasting green side and the dark front section of the hood.
Here is another photo of this interesting Greenhood.
And, for good measure, here are the leaves - in a rosette on the ground. Note the slightly "crimped" appearance around the edges of the leaves, (see the dots of reflected light from the wet leaves) and their oval shape. Some Greenhoods have crinkled leaves, some are longer in shape, others rounded. Some have no basal rosette leaves at all, when they are flowering. Others have leaves up along the stems. Leaves are always worth noting, to help identify your plant.
Here is a photo of Pt. pedunculata, growing with another species of Greenhood, Pt. hildae. By comparison, Pt. pedunculata looks very small, and very dark.
You've got to love these cute, but very odd, little flowers. They appear - to my anthropocentric brain - as cute and weird, but then again, from their point of view - so am I.
But they do trigger my "Sense of Wonder" at the marvels of the Nature of Robertson.
Long may they live free.


Gaye from the Hunter said...

hi Denis,

Pt. pedunculata is also a new find for me. Although I took pictures of my Maroonhoods from different angles, I don't have one showing the tongue. I was plagued by hoards of jumbo-sized mossies at the time, and I had forgotten the insect repellent, so I tried not to be still for too long.

I am planning another visit to their location later in the week to have a closer look at these pretty greenhoods that appear to have outstretched arms.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Gaye

Yes, I love this cheeky little flower. Much more delicate in styling than P. curta which is a bit of a "lump" in comparison with the sleek lines of this little fellow. I got some nice photos of a colony of them, yesterday.

Photos should be published tomorrow.