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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dumped Cars - following up on Mike's hints.

Regular readers will have seen Mike's "comments" on the "Rubbishing the Country" posting a few days ago. Mike was asking about this car, dumped half-way down Macquarie Pass.

It looks like a "stock car" - one of those things which are modified for bashing into each other, when going around on race tracks. The welded "Bumper Bar" on the front is the main clue - it is designed for pushing other cars off the road - not a "defensive" accessory as the standard shock-absorbing "bumper bars" on road vehicles.
Mike referred to it as being similar to a "Mad Max" vehicle. Pretty close, really. I have no idea what the large pipe is doing sticking up through the back seat area (there is no roof). All I know about this car is that it was (well, still is ... just) a Ford Falcon sedan.Somebody has clearly "dumped" this car here, and it has been partially stripped.
Given its condition, it is hard to imagine it having been driven to this point, half-way up the steep hill of Macquarie Pass. What possesses people to bring such a vehicle all this way, and then dump it, for someone else to remove?

While on the subject of dumped cars, this next one (below) apparently is about 100 metres off Tourist Road, along a fire trail, just immediately east of Butler's Swamp. Reportedly this burnt out car is opposite the SCA's Bore 2L, and is on the SCA's land, but they have just ignored it, and not bothered to have it removed.

This car was clearly burnt out, after it was "dumped" - a common occurrence, apparently. It is just as well that it did not cause a large area of bushland to burn out. This is a little delivery van, based upon a small sedan car base. The sort of thing much in vogue with small-scale delivery companies, such as florist shops and other small goods deliveries. They were known at one stage as "bongo vans".

I would have thought that the SCA would exhibit a greater sense of responsibility, given their claim to be "responsible environmental managers" of their lands.


mike macgirvin said...

Thanks Denis -

I actually snapped a photo on my cell phone this morning before I saw your message, but it didn't do me any good as my cell is still setup to send photos to the USA, and that account is dead. Oh well, looks like a call to Telstra is in order...

Anonymous said...

Hello again dennis, Chris here...the car wasn't actually dumped but the driver was arrested at this location after a merry chase thru Moss Vale. Beats me why the police never had the vehicle impounded as evidence or at least taken to the wreckers.
Best Regards...........Chris(with the Scope)