Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Boobooks calling through the mist.

Boobook Owls are calling through the shallow mists of Robertson tonight.

The CTC@Robertson has its Music Night on Thursday nights, from about 6:30pm, till about 10:30pm. I went there to night, and Nick Rheinberger (of ABC Illawarra's Morning Show) came along with his charming and talented daughter, Eva, and her friend Rocky. They started off with the opening number from the Rocky Horror Show ("Damn it, Janet"), and within a few minutes, the tone had lowered to "Black Betty".

Wow - complete naiveté to depravity within about 5 minutes!

Nick Rheinberger, performing, some time ago, at the CTC@Robertson.After a break in proceedings, Nick played along in support to Aneik and Stu's son, doing an acoustic guitar version of Greg's (CTC Music Night) standard "Wild Thing", with his little sister Grace dancing up front, (under the encouragement of Monica), the CTC's manager. The whole show was a hoot!
Greg performing "Wild Thing", some time ago.

It was a very pleasant night for all concerned.

After I left, I came home through a shallow fog, and walked down my driveway, to the accompaniment of Boobook Owls calling loudly. It is, after all, breeding season for the larger raptors (including the nocturnal ones). Certainly they were keeping in touch with each other tonight, out there, on a mild winter/spring evening. No wind, fortunately. So their calls were echoing up the Belmore Falls Valley, where I live.

Mist is no impediment to avian romance, it seems. Nor should it be!
I was teasing Nick, as he left tonight, that I would tune early tomorrow morning, to see how bright an chirpy he would be tomorrow morning, on ABC Illawarra, at 8:30am. For I know Nick lives at Welby (near Mittagong) high on the highlands, and he has to drive along the "Picton Road" to Wollongong, to appear, "Bright eyed and Bushy-tailed" at 8:30 am, for the ABC 97.3 FM Morning Show.

It's easy for me - I can lie in bed, and listen to Nick, whereas, he has had to rise before 5:30am, to drive for 45 minutes to the ABC studio at Wollongong, to start his day, leaving time to have read the morning papers, and got his brief from his producers, and still manage to sound friendly and sensible, and interesting, on the radio.

The guy is something of a genius, for he is truly driven to perform, (as a "muso") hence his voluntary appearance at the Robertson CTC's Music Night. Nick is a born performer, musician and entertainer. We love him.

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