Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brilliant Sunset.

While ignoring the long-anticipated sunset of a career of a certain dominant politician, I feel obliged to post these photos of a wonderful sunset.
I was working inside the house (on the 'puter, of course) yesterday (19 November 2007) when I became aware of a warm pinkish-orange glow permeating the room, from the windows at the back of the house. These photos were taken between 7:36 pm and 7:46 pm (Eastern Australian Summer Time). Which reminds me, I ought re-set the clock in my camera! Anyway, as you can see, it was a busy ten minutes. Photos, phone calls, photos, dog barking, photos and a visitor.
Straight away I went to the back door of my house (which opens from my lounge-room, in fact). I stepped out onto the deck, to be struck by the most stunning sunset. I grabbed the camera (changing the macro lens to the regular lens, and then to the telephoto, in quick succession).
I had snapped a few photos when the phone rang. Damn! Such bad timing. Quick (hopefuly polite) discussion. Then back to the camera. Then I heard a car door slam. Beth had arrived. Quickly greeted her, and explained what I was doing, and how little time was left to get another shot. She understood, fortunately. Beth is like that!
Beth suggested that I take one of the sunset over the house through the Moongate. Why didn't I think of that? Its part of why I put the thing there, after all. In fact I was just a little late, but you will get the general idea. This is the view of my little cottage which visitors receive, if like Beth, they arrive just at sunset.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Denis
The photo's are very true to the colour, but I must say the sunset was more beautiful to see from your back verandah.
See you soon