Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, November 26, 2007

Glenquarry Hall benefit concert

Yesterday, Sunday 25 November, the locals of Glenquarry put on their annual fund-raising concert at the Glenquarry Peace Memorial Hall (established 1919). It is a lovely hall, in bucolic surroundings, on the rolling hills of the basalt ridge which runs from Robertson to Mittagong. This spot is on the western end of Tourist Road. It is about 5Km from my regular stamping grounds along Tourist Road, Kangaloon.
There were dedicated local musicians, such as Bob McInnes present. Others came in from Wollongong (such as the group called "Crazy Creek"). Members of the audience came from Kangaroo Valley, as well as locals, and people from other areas of the Southern Highlands, and down towards Bargo.The a hall is a lovely country hall which dates from 1919, and is in good condition. The Musos love performing in this hall, because it has wooden floors, wooden walls and a lined ceiling. So its acoustics are terrific.
Some members of the crowd were inspired to do a bit of impromptu dancing, with the great music.

It was great to meet up again with some of the local people who had supported the work of the Save Water Alliance, in our campaign to protect the Kangaloon Aquifer. One of these people was the lady who drew the sign which became the Save Water Alliance T-Shirt design.
For it is in these very hills that the spring fed creeks begin, which flow down Menzies Creek, Doudle's Folly Creek and the Nepean River. It is also through this same area that the SCA transfers vast amounts of water from the Shoalhaven River, via the "Shoalhaven Transfers" scheme.
Shoalhaven Transfer water pouring into Menzies Creek, Glenquarry.
So, this peaceful area is right at the focal point of two different water schemes, both with significant environmental impacts. And why? To try to support the unsustainable use of water in Sydney. Its enough to make one angry!

But enough of that - the concert was a great success, on a lovely late-spring Sunday afternoon.