Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Winter has arrived in Nova Scotia

Nature obviously loves to keep things in balance. So, She has matched our burst of hot weather with the first snow fall of winter, in Leo's place in Nova Scotia, Canada.

You may recall that Leo sent me some Autumn scenes a few weeks back. I was particularly taken with this calming scene - a very morning photo, with two big chairs in which to relax. After Leo sent me that photo, I asked him to send me a matching photo, with some snow. Well, Leo has reason to curse me, for jinxing him, for he has now had a relatively heavy "dump" of snow. Well, heavy for the first snow of the season.You can see a wheelbarrow (probably full of leaves) covered in snow. To the left of the barrow, the mounds of snow are small shrubs which are covered in snow. It is a lovely scene, and I am pleased that Leo remembered my request for a matching photo. Observant readers will note that the chairs have been used, (turned around) between photos. So Leo does take time out to use the "easy chairs". Good thing too.

Leo could not resist sending another "colour" image (from 30 October). Obviously this is the last colour shot of Leo's Autumn - "Fall" as they name this season in Canada. The red tree is a Japanese Maple "Bloodgood". The yellow tree on the right is a Sugar Maple. The deeper yellow/bronze coloured small tree (in the middle) is a Beech. There are various conifers (obviously one big one, over the top), but the distant small conifers are Balsam Fir and Spruce (apparently). The large "silvery-green" leaves in the foreground are Tree Peony leaves showing their under side - perhaps it had been windy, to blow the leaves around.

And just to remind us of the potentially damaging power of a good snow fall, here is a shot of a "wild Apple Tree" split and broken under the weight of the snow. That required Leo to do some work to clear his driveway out to the highway. You can see where his van is parked - clearly blocked by the fallen tree.So, back to my theme, the balance of Nature is well and truly in evidence here, as we have switched, in a few hours, from an early summer burst here in Australia to an early winter "dump" in Canada.

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