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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Decision Day today

Good Morning, folks.
Today is the first day of the rest of your lives.

May I politely suggest that you do not waste the opportunity to make a difference - for justice, for decency and fairness.

Check out Tracee Hutchinson's article in "The Age" this morning: "Let this be an Epitaph for a Man of Shame".

And Miss Eagle's blog has the theme, John Howard's "Chooks are coming home to roost" (Miss Eagle is a country girl at heart).

Let this be the sunset of John Howard's career.
I am off to hand out "How to Vote" fliers for the Climate Change Coalition - suggesting that people support Patrice Newell and Dr Karl, in the Senate (in NSW). Most of my friends are voting Greens. Fair enough too. Control of the Senate will be terribly important for the future of Australia, and particularly for Environmental Issues.


Zoe reminds me that it is time to "Stand up and be counted".


7times9 said...

So did Dr Karl win his seat???

And how did the parties that agree with the green agenda do in general?

Denis Wilson said...

Dearest 7times9
It is with great regret that I announce that Dr. Karl's tilt at the Electoral Windmill Produced a result of Windmill 1: Dr Karl 0.

The good news is that Karl can resume doing what he is best at. Informing us, entertaining us and hopefully persuading the Powerbrokers that Golbal Warming is a serious issue, and Yes, there still is NO SUCH THING AS CLEAN COAL.

History will be kinder to Dr Karl's view of this matter than it will be to the "Climate Change Deniers". In fact, it already has been.

CCC did not get elected, unfortunately, although they got about one third of a Quota (with Preferences).

As a mathematical person you might be interested to study the flow of preferences - you can see it in detail on Anthony Green's Website (on It is quite fascinating. The Greens did not get elected in NSW (not enough votes, nor preference flows).

Senate looks likely to be balanced (after July 2008), with Greens and Nick Xenophon (Independent SA) holding the balance of power. So, hopefully something will be done for the Murray Darling system, at least!