Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, November 25, 2007

First Communion for Lucy's kids.

On the Liturgical Calendar, today was the Feast of Christ the King. I happened to call in and visit Lucy, just in time to meet her taking the kids off to St Peter's Church, in Burrawang where the children were about to make their First Communion. That is an auspicious occasion, so I decided to tag along.

The kids were all dressed up (somehow it is more apparent with the girls).
Here is Meg, with her certificate, as presented by the priest.And Charlotte
And George.
After the mass was over, I took photos of each of the kids, before they ran off to eat the lollies and chocolates which kind members of the parish had given them. It was very interesting to note how supportive and encouraging the members of the Burrawang community were towards Lucy and the kids. I am not very familiar with this parish community, although I knew some of these people, from other community groups of which I am a member.

Here is Meg in all her finery. And Charlotte, looking sparkling, as usual.
And George.
Actually I think George had started on the chocolate already
and was trying not to choke, laughing, while I tried to take this photo.
Lucy rounded the kids up for a quiet moment,
when they laid some flowers on the grave of their father, Julian.Here is Julian's gravestone. He died in September 2001.
After the Mass, Lucy invited Mary and Trevor, and four of their kids, and me, back to her house, for a celebratory dinner, which was very pleasant.


Miss Eagle said...

Beautiful photos, Denis, for a beautiful rite of passage.

Blessings and bliss

Denis Wilson said...

Thank You, Miss Eagle.
It was fortuitous (or was it?) that my feet were guided to Lucy's place, at that time.
I was glad to take part in the ceremony, and to help record the event for Lucy, George, Charlotte and Meg.