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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Walk against Warming in Bowral

The Walk against Warming was held in Bowral on Saturday.
A dedicated group of people turned up at the Bowral Library, first of all. We were dispersed to pre-ordained points along the main streets of Bowral to make the most impact we could. I got number 98, so I assume there were about 140 people at the Bowral rally. We all displayed posters and banners protesting Climate Change, Global Warming, and the false promise of "Clean Coal". By the way, in case you have not yet worked it out - there is no such thing as "Clean Coal".
"Clean Coal" is an expensive fraud whereby Governments waste huge amounts of money in "scientific trials", the real purpose of which is to allow Governments to continue to allow Coal Mining Companies to dig the stuff out (and sell it) as fast as possible. Get it? They don't need to find a solution to the problem - they just want to keep selling it overseas. So, all they do is SAY they are trying to find a solution to the problem, to be able to justify making the problem worse.

Can that be true?
You bet your sweet Nelly!
Think of it as a subsidy - from the Government - to the Coal industry .
What's wrong with that?
Well, nothing, per se. Except it is a fraudulent exercise in pretend research. What other group of scientists get their grants approved by the Prime Minister, based upon a "back-of-the-envelope" research outline?
And both major Political parties are in a bidding war to out-bid each other, to support this fraud.

Have you ever known a research scientist? I have. They spend their entire lives worrying about their next grant being approved by the research review panels.
Not so, with the "Clean Coal" research proposal.
It is decreed to be funded - by the Prime Minister.

Where are the research applications, the "peer-reviews" of the research programs?
It is all a con. No doubt there are a few boffins in white lab coats.

"Clean Coal" is a "pie in the sky" political promise.
Len with his home made sign,
to which he sang his adaptation of
"What the world needs now"
Many people turned out in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, and Canerra, as well as many regional centres. These rallies are reported on the ABC TV News service. There is a small video clip of tonight's TV news coverage. I am not sure how long that will stay active, but have a look, and see if it is still up there.

The Telegraph's report is here.

Many dogs turned up at the Bowral rally, as well.
These little guys used their sensitive noses to detect
an unauthorised release of Methane
(a major "Greenhouse Gas").

Did you do that?
Who me?
Yes, YOU!


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