Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Big Potato getting a make-over

Robertson's own - the "Big Potato"
Judy and Allan Hollis are working with the Robertson Chamber of Commerce, and Jim and Roden Mauger, the owners of the "Big Potato", and a number of other volunteers, to tidy up the Big Potato. The Girl Guides from Moss Vale will be involved and a group of local kids who attend the Moss Vale High School, as well.

It has already been "pressure cleaned" to freshen it up, and make it look brighter. That's a start.

Today Allan Hollis was working to close off the two alcoves, which once were doors into the "Big Potato".
Allan is using a "Flicker Box" to achieve the right finish to match the rest of the Big Potato's rendered surface.Closing off these doorways ought make Robertson's own "Big Thing" a safer public place. There will no longer be access to the interior of the structure.Judging by how it had apparently been used, one can only say that is a good thing. When explaining this to someone today, he said: "What, you mean as in.... George Michael? ....... "
In weeks to come, the land around the Big Potato will have paths laid out, and plants planted, to tidy up the whole scene, and make it all much more presentable. Hopefully a fitting attraction for Robertson to be truly proud of.
The daffodils which Jill Keft from the Robertson Village Nursery planted over the last two years are already showing signs of poking through the soil, so they will make a nice Spring display, as before.

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