Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, June 12, 2008

On a clear day, you can see forever (almost).

What a difference a day makes!

Today I awoke to a clear sky, not the drab grey day from yesterday.

I decided to have look for the cliffs on the far side of the Shoalhaven Valley. They are visible all right. The Shoalhaven Valley is looking very blue, and a little hazy, but clear enough to make these photos worth publishing. I have a clear fix now, on the location of these cliffs in relation to the Surge Tank (the huge cylinder parked on the hill above the Bendeela Pondage) 480 metres above the Kangaroo Valley, on the edge of the local escarpment. It is an integral part of the Shoalhaven (water) Transfers system, and the small hydro-electric power plant associated with that scheme. It is located 4 Km from Fitzroy Falls.
The Surge Tank is clearly marked on the detailed contour maps of the Shoalhaven Valley, and I hope to be able to lay out a full set of these maps, and by drawing a straight line from my house, past the Surge Tank, to the far side of the Shoalhaven Valley I will get a "fix" on where I am looking at. I need lots of maps, as the distance is possibly as far away as 60 Km. Perceptions of distances across such deep valleys are deceptive.

I am missing several maps in the set. Once I have a full set of these maps, I can paste them together, and lay them out on a very large table, and check out exactly what I am looking out.
In this next image, you can just see the toe of a line of hills - in the middle distance. This is the big hill behind the Kangaroo Valley village. It is collectively known as "Red Rock". On the very far southern horizon, past Red Rock, I can see several "bumps" on the horizon (centre and very far right on the horizon) which might turn out to be the Budawangs Ranges. If that is the case, then my annotated photograph of this horizon (published two weeks ago) might need to be revised. I shall let you know. That's OK. I can live with my errors needing to being corrected. The pursuit of knowledge is always a forward-moving process.

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