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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yet more on Birds Nest Fungi

It has been a slow day in Robertson, so I will show you how my "pet" "Bird's Nest Fungus" is developing (seriously).

The single cup structure ("Birds Nest") which was not yet mature, yesterday, is developing. Indeed it has developed noticeably in the last few hours. I kid you not.

For those of you familiar with the way "mushrooms and toadstools" develop, relatively rapid development ought not surprise you. But those other opened Birds Nest Fungi do not appear to be showing any signs of change. But the "fresh" one I showed yesterday with a funny soupy-looking texture within the "cup" (or "nest") is now developing. The peridioles (shell-like structures which hold spores inside them) are growing noticeably. Yesterday's photo was taken at 4:18pm.

Today's first two photos were taken at 9:48pmHowever, this third photo was taken only an hour and a half later, at 11.27pm.
I originally intended this to be photo with fingertip, to show the scale of the "nest". However, having taken the photo, I realise the more interesting point is the rapid development of the peridioles. Two of them are starting to appear above the "soupy mixture", and their shell is appearing more clearly as a dry black surface. That process is not yet complete, but clearly the change is occurring.
Having brought the Birds Nest fungus home, I realised I needed to keep it "alive" so it has been sitting on a blue plastic lid, on my kitchen sink. Last night I realised I ought moisten the soil mix, to keep the fungi alive. Clearly that is working. I have never had a "pet" Birds Nest Fungus before- it is almost exciting!

I told you it was a slow day in Robertson! It is not always "Excitement City".
In truth, that is another part of the Nature of Robertson.

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