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Friday, June 20, 2008

"Groundwater Borefields off the Agenda" - or are they?

Well, surprise, surprise, Matt Brown MP, Member for Kiama, wrote to me and other residents of Robertson and Kangaloon (the Southern Highlands parts of his Kiama electorate) today, with the headline: "Groundwater Borefields off the Agenda".
Matt's letter is more unequivocal than Nathan Rees' original statement. He says: ".... Nathan Rees has announced that water harvesting from aquifers in the Southern Highlands will not go ahead". That is ironic, given the apparent attitude of the SCA.

On the very same day as the Minister's statement was issued in Parliament, SCA officials were out and about hand delivering letters advising local residents in Kangaloon that the SCA are about to install a further set of "test bores", and one more monitoring bore. Some of these bores will be on private property.

Needless to say, we are looking into the fine details of the Minister's statement, and what action we can take to stop the SCA.

Is it a case of "weasel words" from the Minister, or a recalcitrant Government agency?

Regarding the letter hand delivered by the SCA on Wednesday (), re installation of further test bores, the SCA have responded to several questions from Save Water Alliance members, and other local residents today, by advising us that, as far as they are concerned, they have no reason to assume that they will not get approval by Frank Sartor to operate the Borefield.
It creates the impression that they are backing Sartor as a likely to carry the support of Cabinet, over Nathan Rees.

We are in for interesting times ahead.

You may read Matt Brown's letter in full below (click on the image of the letter to enlarge it, to make it easier to read).

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