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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Barefoot and Kilted City To Surf Runner

I received the following message from my friend Rod McDonald. 
Rod will be running in the City2Surf run this weekend, as a fund-raiser for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.
I just hope that our own "Everyday Hero", Rod McDonald manages to stride powerfully, and proudly wearing his kilt, down Campbell Parade - if nothing else, that will be an historical irony! (Yes I know, the Campbells say it is not quite as popularly reported). Anyway, that's not the point of this post - it is about Rod's Fundraising Run.

Lets wish him all the best, and please feel free to sponsor his run.

Rod's message reads:
"To those of you who have you have already donated 
to the Motor Neurone Disease Association thank you.  
If you haven't donated yet 
here is a photo of me warming up for Sunday in my kilt. 
"Please click here to make your donation.
Thanks...Rod "
Rod McDonald warming up in his kilt 
at Corbett Gardens
ready to run in the City2Surf on Sunday. 
Photo by Natalie Pilato
Rod's comment:  See I wasn't joking!  

In the interests of promoting Rod's fundraising effort, I am re-publishing the Southern Highland News article (with appreciation and acknowledgement).

"All kilted up and ready to run barefoot"

10 Aug, 2011 12:00 AM
ROBERTSON man Rod McDonald, is going all out for City2Surf this Sunday, as he runs the 14km race barefoot and wearing a kilt purchased from a Bowral op shop.The thought of participating in one of the world's largest fun runs intimidates most people.
But for Rod McDonald, he has not only taken on the challenge to endure through the race itself, but he is also toughing it out barefoot.
He said he has always had an interest in sports and participating in fundraiser events and after hearing about a friend who had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) he decided he would run in the City2Surf and raise money for the cause.

"At first I didn't sign up to run in a kilt, in fact I've never worn one before," he said.
"But I saw a review on a running kilt and then thought I'd do something a bit different and use it as an incentive to raise money." So far, the incentive has worked with $1300 raised.

He said the response from people has been positive with most curious to know if he will really run in just a kilt, but more are concerned about running barefoot.
"About 80,000 people run in the competition it's not that difficult, anybody can do it really," he said.
He also said he doesn't like wearing or running in regular shoes, as he finds them too restricting on his feet.
Instead he wears a barefoot sports shoe called Vibram Five Fingers.

"There are so many little bones and muscles in feet that I don't like regular shoes," he said.
which helps strengths muscles by acting like webbing for toes and feet.
"There are so many little bones and muscles in feet that I don't like regular shoes," he said.
"But hopefully I can run faster barefoot anyway."

Despite the outcome on Sunday, he admitted he will continue to pursue his passion for sports with the next event held in three weeks time, the Husky Half marathon.
"If I enjoy running in it a kilt, I'd do it again," he said.

"I'd like to run in a marathon before I die."
DJW comment: That last comment sounds a bit "terminal", Rod. 
I don't think it is looming just yet, despite how it appears to read. 
Certainly hope not.

Remember you can make a donation to support Rod's run and the Motor Neurone Disease Association on line at the "Everyday Hero" linked website.

Go Rod (Barefoot) !!!

By the way, this is the "Vibram Five Fingers shoe" Rod mentioned.  
(Sometimes known as a "Toe Shoe").
These are the shoes Rod uses when refereeing Football (Soccer) matches.
Rod's Vibram Five Fingers Shoe he uses for Soccer Refereeing

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