Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, August 26, 2011

Daffodil Day - for all persons experienced with cancer.

Today (well yesterday as I write, but I will back-date the publication date to fit) is Daffodil Day. It is a major fun-raising event for the Cancer Council.

Unlike last year, there is not a large display of Daffodls in flower, in front of the Big Potato, in Robbo, this year, for Daffodil day. There are just two patches of flowering Daffs, and lots of leaves. 

The story is that large numbers of the Daffodils planted in front of the Big Spud were pinched last summer, as they died down (clearly by someone intending to replant them themselves). As a result, the bulbs which were planted to replace the stolen ones are in leaf, but not yet in flower. They may flower this year, but if they do they will have missed the timing to make massed display in front of the Big Spud. Lets hope they all make a massed flowering display next year.

I will at least post photos of individual plants of Daffodils and Jonquils (all related Narcissus plants) which are flowering in my yard today.

Happy Daffodil Day to everybody who has been involved with cancer - whether you yourself, or a close friend or partner, or family member. And that's just about everybody, when you think about it.

Yellow and orange Jonquils "soliel d'or"

A lovely single Daffodil J.T. Bennett Poe - just opening

A bright small cupped orange and gold daffodil

A lovely bunch of tiny Daffodils, "Tete-a-tete"

A large orange and gold Daffodil with wide, frilled cup.

A sweetly perfumed Jonquil. Narcissus tazetta

Sweetly perfumed white double Jonquil "Earlicheer"

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