Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Thirlmere Lakes visit yesterday

The Thirlmere Lakes are looking worse than ever. We found some Japanese visitors wandering around in the bush, presumably looking for the Lakes.

But Kirsten and I were looking for Orchids and we found lots of them.
We were barely in the gate on Slades Road when we spotted out first colonies of them. I had Acianthus (just about finished) and Pterostylis nutans on my side of the road, and Kirsten was getting excited about a really good colony of the tiny Trim Greenhoods (Taurantha concinna) on her side of the road. 

We saw hundreds of the Trim Greenhoods along the roadside, especially down beyond the 4th dry lake.

The Wattles were spectacular, the birds were singing, and it was a good day to be out and about.
Hardenbergia violacea
Trim Greenhoods were very common along the road
which runs the full length
of the Thirlmere Lakes National Park.
Trim Greenhood (Taurantha concinna) from rear.

Trim Greenhood - note the forked labellum. (Click to enlarge)
Grevillea arenaria subsp. arenaria (as best as I can work out)

Nodding Greenhood (Pterostylis nutans)
Gompholobium grandiflorum

Pixie Caps (a few still in flower) - Acianthus fornicatus
A roadside scene - Wattles lining the track
Sydney Blue Gum in Blue Gum Creek
 Strange but beautiful growth on a leaf of a native plant.
Deformed growth on leaf. Possibly "galls"? Very pretty, though


Cassy said...

Such a nice collection of nature beauty and I truly amazed with Gompholobium grandiflorum flower.

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Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Cassy.