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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mirbelia platylobioides starts to flower alongTourist Road

Mirbelia platylobioides is rampantly in flower along Tourist Road, Kangaloon, down on the flat dry sandstone edges, there, (not in the wet, swampy bits, nor in the tall, wet Eucalypt forest country).

Apart from some of the Hardenbergia plants in flower, this is one of the earliest of the local pea plants to come into flower.

 It is a prostrate plant (most of the time), with bright golden orange flowers.
Mirbelia platylobioides
 I like the heavily veined leaves of this plant.
 This is the flower as seen when one is walking along.
Mirbelia platylobioides
When the seeds are produced, the pods are hairy, 
and they have a flattened base, and are roughly flat in cross-section.
There is a depressed line down the centre of the pod.

Mirbelia platylobioides seed pods


mick said...

That's a beautiful little flower. I photographed (but then forgot to put in my post ) mirbelia rubiiflolio on my walk the other week. It's a pretty mauve color. I guess mirbelia is a large family.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mick
Mostly they are the typical "eggs and bacon" colours, but according to the books, some are pink or mauve.
I've only seen this one.
A bold flower which presents nicely.
It would make a good ground-cover garden plant I figure.