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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Barefoot and Kilted City To Surf Runner - The Sequel

Further to my post from last Thursday about Rod MacDonald's barefoot run in the 2011 City2 Surf, here is the sequel.

Rod has sent this message out:
  • "First of all a big thank you for your generous donations and messages of encouragement.  From the mass start with my friends to to the many bands playing along the way, many words of encouragement from runners and spectators, people questioning my sanity 'have you run barefoot all the way?', it was an amazing experience.  The road surface was rougher than I expected and in the second half of the run I was seeking comfort on the footpaths and even grass when available.  Coming down the hill into Bondi I saw a runner up ahead with "Pain is Temporary, Pride Lasts Forever" on the back of his shirt.  This gave me a lift and got me home.  So I am a proud and happy, barefooted, kilt wearing, city to surf finisher.
    Rod proudly finished the City2Surf - kilted and barefooted
    "I have attached a couple of pictures including my feet, I ended up with a couple of blisters but apart from the soles of my feet feeling tender the rest of my body is in great shape.
  • "Thanks again for all of your encouragement and get out and go for a run."
Rod's Feet - immediately after the run
Personally I congratulate Rod on his efforts and his fund-raising, but I shall pass on the invitation to "get out and go for a run", however well intentioned it might be. 

I take satisfaction in knowing that at least some Robbo residents are tough and hardy.

Really glad Rod came through it in such good condition, and good humour.


Flabmeister said...

Well done Rod.

On one of the few occasions I did this run I also took to the footpaths and grass and, while exchanging badinage with another runner, nearly ran into a bus shelter!


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
Glad you survived (the run and the bus shelter)

Nicole said...

Running city2surf in barefeet is quite a feat (haha)

My partner did it as well and got the same kind of questions you did.
Me? I ran it as a foot!

congrats - and power to all the barefoot runners out there!

Nicole said...

Running city2surf in bare feet is quite a feat (haha)

My partner did as well and got the similar responses.
Me? I ran it as a foot!

Congrats to you and power to all the barefoot runners out there, keep running the way we're built to run.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Nicole
Sorry for the delayed response - I was away for a few days.